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Chandrasekara QC++

The organization founded on October 2008 at Bangalore leading by Mr. Chandrasekara and associated by Mr. A Ramadas and Mr. K N Rakshit with works in Pune Hyderabad Chennai and Bangalore, Further shifted the base to Pune with working above cities. Their field of working defined to Quality Control, Quality Assurance, Quality management system, Structural Repairs, Water Proofing, Quality System Certification and training,

Quality Management System

Suggestions & implementation of required changes in QMS , Conducting periodic auditing at Ho and at sites.

Quality Control

By Achieving Control on Basic Material Acceptance and Product Conformity, System Adopted in Production of Product, Competence of Individual Involved in Job..

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G3, The Metropole, Next to Inox, Bund Garden Road, Pune. Maharashtra. India. Pin – 411001

Call :- 020 6700 6767

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