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'Playtor' comes from the words “play” and “liberator.” True to its meaning, Playtor Childspaces aims at creating child-centric communities in the outskirts of major metropolitan cities of India.

We at Playtor Childspaces believe that each development we undertake should enrich a community and provide the best environment for social growth. We are dedicated to developing happy, sustainable communities, advancing affordable housing and promoting learning and safety for children.

All homes at Playtor Childspaces will be walking distance from a school and landscaped with child-friendly hubs like gardens and sport zones, ensuring a safe environment that fosters growth and freedom. Playtor will provide a great place for children to live, play and grow.


Vision & Mission

Playtor Childspaces’ vision can be defined on broad terms with three end goals in mind:

Our mission is:

  • To bridge the gap between social housing and sustainable lifestyle for families across India.
  • To provide affordable and child-centric homes for every family in our nation at Rs. 10 to 20 lakhs.
  • To construct and deliver 50,000 homes by 2022.

Our desire is to raise children within the confines of modern comforts and necessities, and allow them to bond with nature and their surroundings. We offer sitting areas, alcoves and gazebos to encourage a community spirit for children of all ages. Our green zones have landscaped gardens with animal structures, a petting zoo and tree houses. Kids can celebrate birthday parties, festivals, go camping or star-gazing, have bonfires and numerous other fun-filled activities. The clubhouse provides an indoor gaming zone with arcade games and a children’s library.

We believe education is the foundation of child growth. Playtor will allow children to walk or ride a cycle to a school and education institution of global standard. The neighbourhood includes features like access points, drop off areas and clearly demarcated areas for children to gather and wait in. Safety zones are clearly marked for accessibility to children as well as adults.


Our Philosophy

Playtor Childspaces’ philosophy is to create spaces for children that are secure, personalized and boundless. We want children to run free across a great expanse of space which is getting difficult with time as concrete jungles around us are ever growing. Children have the right to play around in open spaces and freely cycle on safe roads. They need to interact with their surroundings and have daily access to nature.

To execute this, we emphasize the inclusion of child-friendly spaces in all our projects. Child-friendly spaces restrict the number of vehicles in play zones, and are also outfitted with great amenities that will keep your children active and engaged all day long.

However, our mission goes beyond making just a few children happy. We purposefully make our houses starting at Rs. 10 lakh to make this dream possible for those that go homeless each year, and others who grow up suffocated by the extreme urban density and long for green fields.

Our philosophy is to build child-friendly homes at smart prices - but also to build childhoods across India.

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